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“If an opportunity isn’t effectively qualified, the sales rep will operate under the mistaken impression that the deal is theirs to win.”

— Dave Stein

Things have changed in the decades since Peter Drucker believed that “the purpose of marketing is to know and understand the consumer so well that the product or service blends in with him and sells himself.”

While that underlying sentiment remains valid, with the emergence of digital media and the internet, the strategies for understanding and reaching consumers have drastically changed. No product or service is going to sell itself with so much competition, so much material, and so much noise.

It takes increasingly cohesive efforts between sales and marketing to create a productive connection. Forward-thinking businesses are bridging these historically siloed departments, providing a cohesive and efficient approach to discover, cultivate and transform leads.


The concern poses a variety of major corporations is not getting a marketing budget. Marketing is what drives sales if you don’t have a budget then you affect your business.

In the sale, marketing plays an important role. It allows sales teams to identify and qualify leads and maintain contact during the sales cycle with prospects. Although sales and marketing in most companies exist in separate divisions, the synergy between the two may help boost overall results in terms of revenue and benefit.

Sales are important because the bottom line is that. Marketing is about getting to know a commodity. It’s about the company bottom line at the end of the day-and about getting results. Without promotion, you can not sell a commodity. Next comes the advertisement. Advertising is about getting acquainted with a commodity. Marketing is about recognizing the need or want of a client. If a client doesn’t need it or want it, then you can’t sell it.

You can do all the Jack and Jill advertisements you like. However, selling a commodity to a consumer doesn’t suffice. By defining you must be able to turn the lead into a transaction that is part of the marketing.

Do a little more customer fact-finding, the lead to see if there is a match that your customized item will make it a must-have for their collection. Then, too, you might be able to turn this lead into a second sale.

“You cannot sell a product or services without marketing. Marketing comes first.”



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